How well do you know the lyrics to Five Finger Death Punch’s “Under and Over It”?

Five Finger Death Punch's Under And Over It

You’d be lying if you said you didn’t play this Five Finger Death Punch song on repeat because we certainly did! How well do you remember the lyrics to Five Finger Death Punch‘s “Under and Over It”? Try our quiz below.

Remember that you only have 10 seconds per question, so you have to be quick. Ready?

Under And Over It is one of the most famous songs of Five Finger Death Punch and is part of the album “American Capitalist,” released in 2011.

Five Finger Death Punch in 2018 changed its historical lineup as drummer Jeremy Spencer, now frontman of the band Psychosexual left the band for back problems.

The new drummer Charlie Engen got to give the band a different sound by recording the album ‘F8‘, released in February 2020.


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