The Top 10 best Five Finger Death Punch songs of all time


Over the past 15 years, Five Finger Death Punch has made its mark by becoming one of the most successful metal bands in the world, releasing nine albums and earning numerous top spots on the charts.

We recently asked fans to vote for the best Five Finger Death Punch songs of all time and this is the ranking.

10. Welcome To The Circus

Let’s start with a recent release. Welcome To The Circus is part of the latest album “AfterLife” and brings back the classic Five Finger Death Punch sound.

9. Under And Over It

Si tratta del primo singolo dell’album American Capitalist, una delle canzoni più apprezzate dai fan. Un brano aggressivo con i testi che affrontano diversi argomenti come i troll, i pettegolezzi e i guerrieri da tastiera.

8. I Apologize

5FDP singer Ivan Moody in I Apologize, a song from the album Got Your Six, addresses his battles with substance abuse.

7. Darkness Settles In

This song is part of the album ‘F8,’ and again in this one Ivan Moody is very emotional in his lyrics, as is the music.

6. Bad Company

Over the years the band has released a number of covers, but none has connected with fans as deeply as Bad Company. This song is never missing from their live concerts.

5. A Little Bit Off

This song is one of the last recorded with guitarist Jason Hook and reached the top of the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. It is one of the band’s most pop songs between acoustic strumming and echo-soaked vocals.

4. The Bleeding

Five Finger Death Punch always close all concerts with this song released in 2007. This was the first song to really launch the band into the metal world.

The song is dedicated to Ivan Moody’s separation from his then girlfriend, the death of a friend, and his old band, Motograter.

3. Jekyll And Hyde

Jekyll And Hyde grew out of a voice message sent by Moody to guitarist Jason Hook. To that vocal message Hook added a guitar in the background and sent it to the band members. The first verse you hear in the song is the actual vocal message, and the end result emerged as one of their most memorable songs.

2. Wrong Side Of Heaven

This song addresses the mental and emotional challenges faced by military personnel returning home from war. The band has always supported veterans and this is the signature song to support them.

1. Wash It All Away

Another popular Got Your Six track from 2015 and a favorite of Ivan Moody. The song has the classic 5FDP sound with a very pop and catchy chorus that appeals to both metal and mainstream music fans.


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