Watch Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch receive the key to the city in Cheyenne


Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody received the key to the city during the band’s concert in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Ivan moved to Cheyenne in June this year and received the key to the city from Mayor Patrick Collins.

The singer has also opened two businesses in the city, including a gas station and a facility to help people suffering from addiction.

Collins said in part: “We’ve never had a Cheyenne resident headline this concert, or any concert. That is, until today. I wanted to give Ivan an honor for some of the things he does… What I love about Ivan Moody is he moved to Cheyenne and he’s telling his story about sobriety and mental health, and he’s doing something about it. He’s opening a treatment center for people, and his mission is to find those people who are wandering, not sure where they’re going and help them find that sobriety and mental health. And so tonight I wanna give Ivan Moody the key to the city and thank him for his work and what he’s doing for this great city.”

Moody responded: “I grew up right down the road in a little city called Arvada, Colorado. And I watched my city piece by piece get bought and sold, and I’ve gotta be honest with you, when I go back there, I don’t even recognize certain parts. But when I come up here to Cheyenne, I see one of the last standing true pieces of Americana in this country.”


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