Watch Avenged Sevenfold perform “Nobody” and “We Love You” live for the first time

a7x 2023

Avenged Sevenfold played last night the first concert since 2018 at AREA51 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The band also performed live for the first time songs from the new album “Life Is But A Dream” which will be released on June 2. A7X played “Game Over”, “Nobody”, “We Love You” and “Mattel” along with classic songs.

Last night setlist:

  1. Game Over (live debut)
  2. Afterlife
  3. Hail To The King
  4. We Love You (live debut)
  5. Buried Alive
  6. So Far Away
  7. Nobody (live debut)
  8. Nightmare
  9. Chop Suey! (SYSTEM OF A DOWN cover) (snippet)
  10. Bat Country
  11. Unholy Confessions (song cut short due to injury in crowd)
  12. Mattel (snippet)
  13. A Little Piece Of Heaven

You can watch to the video below:


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