Synyster Gates suffer leg injury during Avenged Sevenfold’s Mansfield show


Avenged Sevenfold began touring in support of the new album “Life Is But a Dream” a few days ago, but guitarist Synyster Gates suffered a leg injury during last night’s (July 19) show in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

Gates hurt his leg during the song “The Stage,” so he left the stage and after a 20-minute break the band resumed the concert, with Gates playing from the back of the stage.

The band then did not play the last three songs of the set.

Singer M.Shadows said: “Hey guys – SG is back and seems like a pretty severe contusion of his calf. He’s got crutches and can’t walk on it at the moment,” the singer continued. “Gonna be sore for a few days. Doc said it could be from dehydration, possibly last night’s show, the heat and not enough water today. Bottom line is he’s watching it closely and hopefully be able to stand on it soon.”

He added: “We aren’t canceling, LOL”.

M.Shadows then added that Gates felt like “a gunshot in his calf” when he felt the pain and left the stage.


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