Queen’s Roger Taylor: “We would still be making music if Freddie Mercury was alive”


Queen drummer Roger Taylor was recently interviewed by BBC Radio 6 Music. You can read some excerpts below.

Roger said: “I do believe that. Me and Freddie… he was my closest friend and we were very, very close. We came up together and we literally lived in each other’s pockets and clothes some of the time. I do believe we would still being doing stuff together because it was a great collaboration. I don’t know if John Deacon would allow… of course, John wasn’t quite mentally suited for it, [but] the other three were. I would like to think we were still doing stuff together, whatever it might be. I think Brian May and I with Adam Lambert, we just loved doing the show, just seemed to get better and better, while we still can do it, we still will do it.”


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