Mike Portnoy shares opinion on The Rev’s drumming and recalls his time in Avenged Sevenfold


Mike Portnoy recalled the time when he helped Avenged Sevenfold record their 2010 album “Nightmare” after The Rev passed away.

Portnoy was a great influence for The Rev and his style as a drummer, so A7X asked him to record the late drummer’s parts and finish the album.

In a recent interview with Stefan Adika for “Artists on Record”, Portnoy said: “After he sadly passed away, those guys were about to start working on their album, and he passed. So they wanted to go ahead and record the album as they were planning, and they called me up and said, ‘You were one of his favorite drummers. You are one of his heroes. So we’d be honored if you would do it.’ And I was like, ‘I’d be honored to do it myself.’ So yeah, it was quite an experience.

“The Rev had done demos for those songs on an electronic kit. They had the demos, and I would learn the songs from that. And I tried to reproduce as much as I could, exactly what The Rev intended to record, at least what he did on those demos.

He continued: “And it’s so funny, because I could hear so much of my playing in what he was doing on the demo. So it kind of came full circle. When I finally tracked those drums, it was the parts he intended to do, but it felt so normal and natural for me because I could hear so much of my style in what he did. So yeah, it was quite an honor to do that.”

If he ever met The Rev in person, Portnoy replied: “Never met him in person. But we had talked and texted and traded emails and things like that. And I would always thank him for talking about me in interviews and stuff like that, but never had the chance to actually meet in person.”


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