Meaning of Avenged Sevenfold new single ‘Nobody’ explained


Avenged Sevenfold has released their first single “Nobody” from the upcoming album “Life Is But A Dream,” and fans are trying to interpret the song’s lyrics and its meaning.

A7X has already said that the new album was influenced by French philosopher Albert Camus, and according to one fan “Nobody” is about existence and the meaning of life.

The fan wrote on Reddit: “‘Nobody’ tells the journey of a person realizing they are not just a ‘person,’ they are not just a product of ‘human existence,’ they are everything. Everything you ever see, feel, hear, experience; all of it is only ever seen from your own point of view. You will never experience any part of living through another. You are everything. You are everything you will ever know. Everything in the universe is you.”

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“He is not a face. He is not a personality. He isn’t a human living life, working his job, etc. etc., he is everything in the world. For as he is everything, he is Nobody. ‘I’m a man without a head’ is saying he is a man that he no longer confines himself to a face. He is Nobody because he knows he is the universe. He is not a face, with a name, and a hairstyle, he is all. Human beings are caught in a constant attempt to derive meaning from a meaningless world. The one singing in the song has realized this. He is Nobody, because he is embracing the absurdity of the human life.”


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