Jeremy Spencer is “a little surprised” by Ivan Moody’s reaction to Jason Hook collaboration with Psychosexual


Jeremy Spencer collaborated with another ex-Five Finger Death Punch member, guitarist Jason Hook, on the new EP from Spencer’s band Psychosexual.

Psychosexual released a covers EP, “Songs To Stalk You By”, featuring a guest appearance by Jason Hook on two songs: the Kiss classic “Watchin’ You” and Queensryche‘s “Gonna Get Close To You”. The recordings mark the first time Spencer and Hook have worked together since they parted ways with Five Finger Death Punch.

On how Hook’s appearance on the record came about, Spencer told Jeff Gaudiosi of “We’re neighbors for starters, so we talk pretty much every day, and we’ve been friends for 25 years. So, I was, like, ‘Dude, I’m covering Kiss. Would you play a solo?’ He’s, like, ‘Of course.’ Kiss is his favorite band, so it wasn’t hard to persuade him to be a friend and play a cool solo on it. And he always likes that Queensryche song too, so I’m, like, ‘Hey, man, you’re here. Would you just do this too?’ I got two for one that day, which is pretty nice.”

On Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody’s reaction to the news of Jeremy and Jason‘s latest collaboration. He said: “Well, I’ve known Ivan for years. I know how his personality is and how he works. And I think he misinterpreted this whole thing. It’s not that Jason and I are doing a project together; it was never that. It was, like, ‘Hey, Jason, would you throw a solo down on my band’s EP?’ And he was, like, ‘Sure. Of course.’ I mean, we’re best friends for 25 years. So Ivan’s reaction, I’m not surprised, but it is a little surprising, because it’s, like, “Wow, you’re surprised that I invited my friend of 25 years to play a solo on my band’s EP?’ It had nothing to do against Death Punch or trying to challenge anyone. They weren’t even on my mind. I’m just trying to do what I’m doing and just enjoy myself and do my thing. So his reaction is a very Ivan reaction. That’s all I’ll say. Best of luck to him.”


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