Jason Hook: “I had a very heavy hand in the Five Finger Death Punch records”


In a interview with Joshua Toomey from Knotfest‘s “Nu Pod”, recorded at the Louder Than Life festival in Louisville, Kentucky last September, Jason Hook, the former guitarist for Five Finger Death Punch, discussed his new project Flat Black. When asked whether any tracks for Flat Black were initially conceived for his old band, Hook replied: “Maybe a couple of them were in a folder, but… The one thing I treated myself to is a nice studio at my house. I never got cars and toys and all that stuff. I put all my savings into tools. So with that, I can always go and make recordings, and I always do. I always go up there and work, work, work, work. It’s my passion. I’m a musician and we create; that’s what we do. In the prior band, we worked hard. The records were back to back, and we would come off an 18-month tour, take two weeks and then start another record. So I’m kind of used to that. And I’m not afraid of working hard. And I knew the only way to attract people like [Flat Black singer] Wes [Horton] into the project is go, ‘Listen to this.’ Talk is cheap. An idea is thin, but good, potent music is thick.”

He also addressed comparisons of Flat Black’s sound to his work with his previous group: “I had a very heavy hand in the Five Finger Death Punch records. I worked very hard on those records. And so if it sounds like there’s some similarities, that’s why. It’s so funny. I’m bracing for people going, ‘It’s not as good as Death Punch.’ I’m, like, ‘Well, that was me too.’

“I honestly don’t care. I just don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks,” he stated firmly. “I’m older than these [other] guys in Flat Black. I have to make myself happy, because I may not be here one day. And what was the fucking point of the whole thing? I’ve gotta do what makes me happy. I like aggressive, potent, guitar-driven ‘fuck you’ music.”


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