Five Finger Death Punch’s Zoltan Bathory tells about songwriting process after addition of new guitarist


Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory was recently interviewed by Chaoszine.

Asked if the songwriting process of the new album “Afterlife” has changed after the addition of new guitarist Andy James to the band, he said: “We have a method that works for us. Every band works differently. For us, it comes from a certain philosophy, how I look at music. And the philosophy I look at music with is that if you look at classical composers, for example, these songwriters, these composers were creating music and delivering complex messages with their music alone. You have Vivaldi, for example, The Four Seasons. You know which season is what. How do you know? The music somehow tells you that. So these classical composers could deliver pretty complex pictures and messages and paint an environment for you with the music alone. And I believe that that’s the right way to go.”

He continued: “So we always write the music first. And the music itself has to sort of say something, it has to paint the picture. And then we give it to Ivan Moody to write the lyrics. And I think that’s when something, it really comes together. Because when the music already says something and the vocals kind of enhance that, then you have something special. And that’s been always the process and we always do it that way. This record was done the same way — music first, and then we take it to Ivan.”


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