Five Finger Death Punch’s Zoltan Bathory on Call of Duty: “I loved it. We did 16 hours a day of shooting”


Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory recently spoke with Loudwire Nights about his involvement in Call of Duty and his playable character named Oz.

On Call of Duty, Bathory said: “It’s a pretty exciting moment. Having a character in one of the most popular video games, that’s pretty cool. Behind the scenes, it’s amazing. We had to go to various locations—it took a long time. Various photo shoots, video shoots and then there are a lot of military advisors and former special operators who are there, they’re making sure that everything is accurate with the right gear, the right equipment. Everything has to be perfect. I’m talking 15-, 16-hour days of shooting.”

He continued: “I loved every minute of it. Those special advisors and military guys are my friends, I knew them before, some of them I met a long, long time ago overseas on military bases, so that’s pretty interesting that this was also kind of a reunion with those guys.

On if it is strange to shoot at his character: “My whole band plays. It’s kind of weird. They can’t wait, everyone’s gonna go, ‘Light him up.'”


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