Five Finger Death Punch’s Zoltan Bathory describes what a near-death experience feels like


Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory was recently interviewed by Loudwire Nights’ Toni Gonzalez and described what a near-death experience feels like.

He said: “The reason we called it Afterlife, Ivan and I share a couple of experiences that, generally are private things people don’t really talk about, but we both had near-death experiences being on the other side. If you get to talk to people who flatlined before or died before, obviously you’re gonna have a lot of questions.”

“Ivan generally writes very personal lyrics anyway, if you read his lyrics, he’s an open book, it’s his life and his experiences. So everything is very personal, nothing is fictional. We’re not talking about mythology or historical events, it’s all real and actual events and actual feelings that he has.”

Bathory described what it’s like to see your life flash before your eyes: “If you look at it that way… that’s a linear way of thinking. So when you say something flashes in front of your eyes, your perception of that particular thing sounds like one thing happens after the other, because that’s how our mind thinks — the human mind thinks linearly, at least in our everyday conscious mode… it’s tied to a timeline.”

He continued: “So when you say, ‘My life flashed in front of my eyes,’ you imagine almost like a movie. It’s not like that. It all happens at once. So you’re aware of all of it at once, it’s almost like your mind explodes into these billion little facets and you’re all of a sudden aware of all the things that happened — everything at the same time.”


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