Five Finger Death Punch’s Zoltan Bathory clears up “massive misconception” about the band


During an appearance on the 18th episode of “The Metallica Report,” Zoltan Bathory, guitarist and founder of Five Finger Death Punch, discussed the band’s rapid rise to fame. He highlighted the common misconceptions about their success and emphasized their humble origins and strong work ethic. Zoltan stated: “It’s always been a massive misconception when it comes to the press, when it comes to the audience, because this band grew really quickly. We connected to the fans and our growth was exponential. And everybody thought that there must be some [people from the music] industry going, coming in here with suitcases of cash and they made us. And that’s exactly the opposite of the truth. The first record was literally created in my bedroom. The whole record — every single guitar, bass — everything was recorded in a bedroom.”

He continued: “I mean, it was a little desk and a computer and just minimal amount of equipment, and we did everything there. And then on the end, we went to a better studio to catch the drums and then the vocals, and then went back to the home and finished it there. So it’s a homemade record. That record is almost platinum now. So you can do it — everybody can do it; the technology allows you to. And we signed to an independent label where we were the only band on the label. And it never really changed. We never had a major label deal. The band never had tour support. So basically what we did, we designed our own merch. Like, I designed most of the merch and we had our own merch guy on the road. And we were just selling our merch and the merch would support the band. And so all the way, like right now, I mean, obviously we are here. And it’s been always like that. It was always an independent band.”


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