Five Finger Death Punch’s Ivan Moody reveals what was the hardest part during the pandemic


Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody was recently interviewed by Lazer 103.3 and answered the question if there were any benefits for him related to the break due to the pandemic.

Moody said: “I would have to go with the latter on that one. No, I won’t even say that. It was a little bit of both. The hardest part for me was being sober. There was a lot of day drinking going on during COVID, and I’d read a lot of articles about a lot of domestic violence disputes — a lot of just unnecessary stuff. And I think it brought out the worst and unfortunately some of the best in people, or fortunately, for that matter. Myself, I had a really hard time, ’cause I have this diabolical voice that sits in the back of me, always trying to convince me that I’ve been sober long enough, I’ve been good long enough, and so what’s it really gonna damage if I wanted to turn the page and do something radical and bad again?”

He continued: “So, for me it was really finding a medium, finding out what was gonna keep me on the straight and narrow, I guess you’d say,” he explained. “And once again, whether it had been my kids, once again music stood up for me, because beyond my kids and my family there was really nothing to grab on to. We’re fortunate enough that we play music for a living, but in the same token we have to sit by and watch all these hard-working, blue-collar people lose their jobs, go through what they went through, whether it be the grocery store rioting or collecting toilet paper or just figuring out employment.”

Ivan added: “It was an eye opener for everybody, and it’s something that Zoltan and I have talked about a few times. This wasn’t just something that was quarantined — no pun intended — to one area. This is the first time, really, in history that the entire world was affected by something. Even World War II was segmented; there were parts of the world involved — it wasn’t necessarily the world. However, when it came to the pandemic, every single human being on this planet was affected. So, for me, utilizing that energy and digging into what other people were saying and feeling and filtering it and putting it back through my platform is not only a gift but in the same token necessary. So it was tough, man. It was very difficult. But at other times I was very grateful for the tools I’ve been given and the strength that I have to help me get through it, much less help other people.”


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