Five Finger Death Punch’s Ivan Moody opens up about personal inspiration for “Judgement Day” video

Ivan Moody

Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody spoke about the personal inspiration for the official video for Judgment Day, a song from the band’s latest album “AfterLife” from 2022.

Moody explained: “As you’ve all seen, we have a new music video out for our song Judgement Day. Even though it’s not our next ‘single’, it was important to us to spend the time and put in our best efforts to make this video. It was ESPECIALLY personal to me. See, I’m the only guy in the band who Has children. So, the topic carries a voluminous amount of weight. This video was also a form of therapy for me, in a way. Facing the issue head-on. The subject of this video hits home to many and should be above ALL politics,” he continued. “Any decent human being should be disgusted by the abhorrent fact of, in our times, in the 21st century, human trafficking, child trafficking and slavery, exists. In fact, there are more slaves in the world today than at any other point in history. This became particularly poignant and personal when I gave my daughter her first smartphone. I thought about all the safety measures, the possibilities, and the responsibilities that come with giving a young child a phone, especially with internet access. Well, It turned out that it wasn’t the Internet I couldn’t prep-for… It was the psychological effect of the amber alerts. And when she kept receiving alerts about abducted children, runaways, Ect… Well, let’s just say she was deeply affected by it and become so critical in her thinking/paranoid, she became concerned about going to school, going out to eat, movies, And how could I blame her…? So, there is my dilemma. I can’t downplay the danger, because it’s important FOR HER SAFETY to be informed and know the truth. But how do I explain such an ugly truth without scaring her and introducing even MORE anxiety into her life? As I said, In the 21st century this problem should not exist, yet It is a societal issue on a global scale.”

Moody added: “I’m not the superhero my daughter thinks I am, I’m not a soldier, a secret agent, or knight in shining-armor, So, unless I plan-on becoming a vigilante, I can’t directly fight-this. What I can do however, is to use my platform, my music, and my megaphone and shine a spotlight on this atrocity. I can add my voice to those who are already shouting. I have faith that eventually, Judgment Day will come to those who deserve it. #theend”.


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