Five Finger Death Punch’s Ivan Moody: “I was pissed at Zoltan for ‘Living the Dream’ music video”


Five Finger Death Punch music video for “Living The Dream”, released in 2020, was a bit controversial, also sparking some controversy due to some anti-mask and communist references.

Singer Ivan Moody revealed in a recent interview that he was pissed off with guitarist Zoltan Bathory about the video, as he was unaware of all the scenes and only found out once the video was released.

Ivan Moody said in a recent interview with Metal Hammer: “I showed up for two days and Zo told me to run across the grass, screaming and holding the American flag, so I was curious to see it. Then when he released it, I called him, like, ‘You implemented your own platform into Five Finger Death Punch, and now I’m gonna have to answer for it, because I’m the singer.’ And it ended up going down like a fart in church!”

He continued: “There was the mask thing and the awkwardness of the whole thing. That’s what he visualised, but it’s not what I had in mind when I wrote it. For those who understood it, great. And for those who didn’t, I’m sorry, I didn’t agree with it either. I love Zoltan to death, that’s his opinion, but it won’t ever be done with my name on it again.”


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