Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody explains the meaning of the new album’s title


Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody was recently interviewed by Rock Antenne about the new album “AfterLife”.

The interviewer noted that the word “afterlife” is written with a capitalized letter “L”, so Moody explained the meaning: “You noticed that. You’re the first one to notice that — no, you are. It’s because when I originally wrote it, I meant is as two separate words. But when you combine them together, obviously they mean the one — the angelic, the afterlife. So I wanted it to be noted that after your life was really the intention. After what you do on a daily basis — after your job, after the grind, after going and seeing your friends — who are you at the end of the day? When you’re laying by yourself in bed and you’ve got one candle lit and you’re listening to your favorite song and you’re thinking with no interference, that is after your life. And so I wanted it to be apparent to people that that’s what I intended. It’s supposed to have the double meaning. It’s not tongue in cheek; it’s a double edge. So I’m glad you caught that, man. And sincerely, you’re the first person to catch it. So, bravo.”


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