Five Finger Death Punch release official ‘Wrong Side Of Heaven’ acoustic version

Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch released the official ‘Wrong Side of Heaven’ acoustic version, included in their new greatest-hits collection called “A Decade Of Destruction – Volume 2” which will be available on October 9.

You can listen to the song below.

“A Decade Of Destruction – Volume 2” track listing

  1. Blue On Black [taken from “And Justice For None”]
  2. The Tragic Truth [taken from “American Capitalist”]
  3. Broken World [previously unreleased]**
  4. I Refuse [taken from “And Justice For None”]
  5. The Pride [taken from “American Capitalist”]
  6. Hard To See [taken from “War Is The Answer”]
  7. When The Seasons Change [taken from “And Justice For None”]
  8. Cradle To The Grave [taken from “The Wrong Side Of Heaven, Vol. 2”]
  9. Sham Pain [taken from “And Justice For None”]
  10. M.I.N.E. (End This Way) [taken from “The Wrong Side Of Heaven, Vol. 1”]
  11. Hell To Pay [taken from “Got Your Six”]
  12. Never Enough [taken from “The Way Of The Fist”]
  13. Walk Away [taken from “War Is The Answer”]
  14. Wrong Side Of Heaven (New Acoustic Version – original version taken from “Wrong Side Of Heaven, Vol. 1”)**
  15. Trouble (Felmax Remix) [original version taken from “And Justice For None”]
  16. Wash It All Away (Joe Hahn Remix) [original version taken from “Got Your Six”)**
  17. Bad Company (The Five Finger Dim Mak Steve Aoki Remix) [original version taken from “War Is The Answer”]**
  18. ** Previously unavailable


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