Ex-5FDP drummer Jeremy Spencer’s band change name to Psycho Synner


Former Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer has announced that his band Psychosexual has changed their name to Psycho Synner.

He also changed his stage name from Devil Daddy to Grym Synner.

He said: “I chose the name Psychosexual because the song’s lyrics were primarily sex-oriented. So, when I formed a new rock band, I kept that name. However, once the new music became guitar-centric, it took on a more sinister style–less about sex and partying.”

“Psycho Synner is a perfect fit for the band’s heavier musical profile. And, as a result, I’ve chosen the character name, Grym Synner. The upcoming simultaneous release of nine albums is not only revolutionary in itself, but each one perfectly encapsulates the band’s changing musical landscape. Something for everyone! And, I mean that in the best sense. Hardcore rockers and heavy metal fans will find exactly what they like and who we’ve come to be.”

You can listen the new Psycho Synner new singer “On Your Grave” below.


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