Download Festival organizer on future headliners: “Could be Five Finger Death Punch, Bring Me The Horizon and Ghost”

Download Festival

Download Festival organizer Andy Copping recently spoke to Kerrang! on what the future headliners of the festival could be.

This year’s Download Festival included System Of A Down, KISS and Iron Maiden as headliners, but it was canceled due to COVID-19.

So the organizer talked about which bands could be headlining the Download Festival in the coming years.

Andy said: “That’s quite easy. Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Parkway Drive, Five Finger Death Punch“.

On bands who haven’t headlined Download yet: Paramore, Fall Out Boy, twenty one pilots… We haven’t had Foo Fighters, blink-182 or Green Day headline Download. Of the new and contemporary acts… Frank Carter, even! Just seeing Frank’s rise over the years has been incredible. Ghost without question will be a headliner in future years.”

He added: “We need everyone in the industry to get behind these acts. It’s not just festival promoters, it’s yourselves in the media, the labels, and without doubt the fans – you’ve got to get behind these acts. Even if it’s not somebody that you particularly like personally, to keep things alive we’ve got to be bringing bands through, that’s why I did it with Slipknot, why I did it with Biffy Clyro, why I did it with Avenged Sevenfold, and there’ll be other bands in the next three-to-four years that we’ll bring through.”


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