Avenged Sevenfold’s M.Shadows: “The Stage will continue to grow and stand the test of time”

Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold singer M. Shadows posted a message for the 6th year since the release of the last album “The Stage.”

M. Shadows said: “6 years ago we stood on top of Capitol Records playing a live show streamed across the world. At 12 o’clock midnight we did what no other metal band had done before and surprise dropped our new album ‘The Stage’. For the ones that spent time with it… this new progressive sound inched its way into their very souls. Existentialism, artificial intelligence and the history of the world was on full display. This album allowed us to spread our wings musically and declare to the world that you never know what you are gonna get on an Avenged Sevenfold album. I believe that beyond any other album we have made, that this one will continue to grow and stand the test of time. Here’s to 6 years.”


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