Avenged Sevenfold’s M.Shadows shares advices for emerging artists: “Never let your art become a commodity”

Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold vocalist M.Shadows shared some tips to emerging bands and artists in a recent tweet.

M.Shadows wrote: “Attention all up and coming artists: never let your art become a commodity. Let the creation take you where it’s gonna take you and let the chips fall where they may…. always. Learn where the boundaries are so you can go beyond them. Nothing will take you further away from what’s important than trying to create something that will appease everyone. Analytics show us were we have been… not where we are going.”

He continued: “I have recently seen many people pull back from web3 and it’s been for 2 reasons…. Price dip in crypto or they don’t want blowback from the mob. What this says to me is that they were never here for the right reason anyway. Now that everything is recovering will they pop their heads back in? If you want to be a musician, painter, songwriter, novelist… whatever. Don’t become a commodity. People want to see YOUR creativity… lead the way.”

He concluded by writing his thoughts on NFTs: “I’m not a believer in just selling music as NFT’s. For the consumer I believe streaming is king. NFT’s are great for community around the band, ticketing, digital events, streaming authentication and fractionalization as well as accounting and IP distribution. I like the idea of fans buying an nft which gives them a stake ( defined by the band ) in a particular record… instead of signing w a major label and giving up much more. Meaning, fans buy nfts and band gives up 15% of future royalties to them.. instead of 80% to a label.”


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