Avenged Sevenfold’s M.Shadows: “Selling multiple versions of an album is fan abuse”


Avenged Sevenfold singer M.Shadows is not shy about giving an opinion, and with his latest statements he has angered Taylor Swift‘s fans (although it is not known how).

M.Shadows offered his thoughts on artists selling multiple versions of albums to try to increase positions on the charts, saying this is “fan abuse.”

He wrote: “Selling multiple versions, repackages and bundles of your album to the same fan so that you can get a chart position that no one cares about and is manipulated should be called out for what it is…. Fan Abuse”.

He continued: “I’ll expand: many options are fine. It’s when it becomes : buy the vinyl for ticket discounts… buy the cd version 1 for an extra track. Buy first week 8 track for an exclusive t shirt. Its all bullshit to make you buy the same shit to pump numbers. Thats fucked!”

When a fan wrote who he was particularly mad at, M.Shadows replied: “Everyone… the system…. Music as a commodity…. No art left to it… total joke.”

At this point Taylor Swift’s fans took it personally, and one of them wrote: “Taylor Swift would’ve topped the charts on streams alone, (confirmed by the billboard charts) but sure go off.”

So M.Shadows responded: “Hell yeah. A truly huge artist and she deserves it,” adding: “Btw. I wasnt even talking about Taylor… literally the furthest thing from my mind. We are getting “options” from our label but its all a cash grab (hence the tweet)… but dont you find it strange one fan base is so upset about my tweet which names no one?”

After being bombarded with tweets from angry Taylor Swift fans, M.Shadows wrote: “I was actually trying to figure out how a bunch of little kids started commenting on my post… and now I see all of taylors fans think I’m talking about her because they all bought multiples of the same album. . Gotta love the twitter cults!”

He then concluded: “Let me expand: I will not reply to swifties…. Not because its Fan Abuse but because it’s Child Abuse.”


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