Avenged Sevenfold’s M.Shadows explains why “Nobody” is the first single

a7x 2023

Avenged Sevenfold frontman M.Shadows recently talked on their TRAX podcast about why “Nobody” was chosen as first single: “For me, if you were to take a black hole of the record and all the fringes of it, I think ‘Nobody’ sits right at the center. And I think it sits right at the center because the riff is huge. We are experimenting with tones and how the production on it sounds, but it also… listen, ‘Nothing’ on the record sounds like anything else on the record, right? They all have their things, but ‘Nobody’ for me sounds like this solid… it’s very depthy in the in the lyrics. It represents fully where we are coming from in terms of the concept and the sort of headspace we are coming from.

He continued: “It checks a lot of boxes for us, and I think the the riff is so killer that it will drill into your head like like a worm. Also without trying to be proggy, it’s got a very interesting arrangement and it’s got a seriousness to it that I think shows that we’re not trying to give you like, the flashiest thing on the record or the most ear candy-esque thing. We’re trying to give you something that’s meaningful and weighty. It’s very weighty.”

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