Avenged Sevenfold’s M.Shadows doesn’t respect bands that release “the same crap”


Avenged Sevenfold frontman M.Shadows, in a new interview with The Punk Rock MBA, said he does not respect bands that release the same crap over and over again.

M.Shadows said: “I actually think it’s disrespectful for the fans to just give them the same crap. And not that it’s all crap — it’s regurgitated. Go listen to those records; go throw on some AI and say, ‘I want a record like this’… that’ll probably exist.

“But if you want to know where us as humans are going — and you don’t need to follow it or to like it. You’re not a bad fan if you think, ‘This just isn’t for me.’ There’s a lot of bands that I like that have gone and done something else, but one thing that bums me more than anything is when a band tries to give me the same thing over and over. Then I’m just really bummed out, ’cause not only are they not creative, but they’re just playing me as a fool.”

M.Shadows also commented on bands that make an album every two years: “That’s why we don’t go on the same time schedule as everyone — how can you just say, ‘I always have something to say’, but it just happens to be every two years… No, you’re just making a record ’cause you have to make a record. Put out a record when you have something to say — when something is worthy of putting out. That would be my opinion on where I see my band going. Are we gonna do another record? Maybe — maybe not. If we have something to say we will.

“But everyone loves to take a little tidbit and say, ‘That’s what they’re gonna do from now. They’ve already planned it out….’ We live in a crazy world where everything wants to be in a box. If you want to call your band an artistic expression of what you truly feel, then the box has to go away.”


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