Avenged Sevenfold’s Johnny Christ on upcoming tour: “We’re going balls out even more than we were before”


Avenged Sevenfold bassist Johnny Christ, in a new interview with 93X radio station, talked about the band’s tour in support of the upcoming album “Life Is But A Dream”, which will be released June 2.

Regarding what fans should expect from the tour, Johnny said: “It’s kind of been an overarching thing that we’ve thrown around in this camp is just to… We don’t wanna keep doing stuff unless we’re doing it right — with bold thoughtful intent. But mostly bold. And this entire album has that theme written all over it, the mantra that we’ve been taking in for the last several years.

Johnny continued: “It’s interesting ’cause… If you said this to our fanbase, they’d be, like, ‘Weren’t you guys already pretty bold and fearless?’ It’s, like, yes, but there’s levels to that. And at this point in our lives, with family and everything, we’ve just taken perspective on what’s really important to us and if we wanna continue to do this stuff, which we do, and we did come to that conclusion. We’re going balls out even more than we were before. And I’m really excited to do this.

He added: “At this point I’ve seen the renderings of what the stage is gonna look like and what we’re gonna be pulling off… We’re in rehearsal right now just as a band, but in two or three weeks we start production rehearsals for that upcoming tour. And I cannot wait to actually be in an arena and be practicing with that stage.”

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Regarding whether he feels anxious about returning to the stage for the first time in five years, Johnny said: “I wanna say it’s all excitement, and I think it’s all excitement right now, but sometimes you internalize anxiety that way. At this point we’re still not up there — I still haven’t stepped foot on the first stage that we’re gonna be doing in five years. But I can tell you if I conceptualize it, if I think about it, I’m fucking ecstatic. I’m excited. I’m ready to go. I’ve been playing stay-at-home dad for too long. I’m ready to get back out there.”


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