Avenged Sevenfold releases ‘Into The Ether’, a taste of the new album

Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold released a taste of the new album as an NFT. According to the singer M.Shadows this song will not end up on the new album as it was discarded, but in order not to totally eliminate it they decided to offer it as NFT.

M.Shadows said on Reddit: “It was in a song… Song was eh… We liked that part and instead of burying it forever decided to do this instead. Now collectors have something to collect, and people who don’t give a shit about NFT’s can have a small thing to listen too”.

The artist who worked on the graphics is Cam Rackam, who has often collaborated with A7X in the past as well.

The song is called ‘Into the Ether’ and you can listen to it below.


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