Avenged Sevenfold new album name and release date exposed?

Avenged Sevenfold

The mystery around the “hacking” thickens even more. Yesterday Avenged Sevenfold announced that they had regained possession of their social accounts after a “hacker” announced that the band’s live shows at Welcome To Rockville and Sonic Temple would be canceled.

The announcement came from the band’s podcast from what sounded like the voice of A7X singer M.Shadows, who later announced that it was an AI-generated voice.

Immediately after yesterday’s announcement, A7X deleted all posts from their Instagram profile and published their new website.

In addition, fan theories continue to swirl around the “hacker” website. Libad5343.net would in fact be the website of the hacker who had at possession of Avenged Sevenfold’s social media accounts by posting the fake announcement.

On the site there are, in addition to some articles related to A7X, some games that appear as pop-ups with riddles and more.

Some fans speculated that Libad would be an acronym for “Life is Better After Death,” which could be the name of the new album, and 5343 would stand for May 3, 2023 (20+23 = 43), which could be the release date of the new album. A few weeks later A7X will perform live, so…

Fans have also noticed that Avenged Sevenfold’s YouTube playlist dedicated to music videos contain 16 videos, but 4 of them are hidden.

User Libad5343, the account of the alleged hacker, posted a photo on Twitter that says “Updating files” with a loading bar, which links to the story where he said he had A7X’s new album.

In short, this story seems to be not the work of a hacker at all.


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