Avenged Sevenfold considers independent music release in the future, says M. Shadows


Avenged Sevenfold singer M.Shadows discussed in a new interview with Overpriced JPEGs the possibility of A7X releasing new music in the future as an independent band.

M.Shadows said: “Imagine writing out like a bullet point of things that we’re not willing to budge on, and then we will… We wanna make music whenever we want, put it out, we wanna surprise-release things if we want, we wanna do this and that. Sometimes artists sign into a label but it’s a distro deal where the label gets eight to 10 percent and then they’ll distribute the record. They might even pay for the record to get done, but the band takes care of the other things. So there’s so many ways to kind of slice this pie. We just know what we’re not willing to do. And what we’re not willing to do is just sign into the same kind of thing we have going on now. Now if the next record says Warner Brothers or Universal on it, it doesn’t mean that we re-signed with a label; it means that maybe we’re using them for distribution, maybe we’re doing a licensing deal.”

M.Shadows continued: “We don’t know what we’re gonna do. Maybe we go to all the streaming services and make our own relationships with them and do our own thing. But at that point, when you’re talking about an eight percent cut, you have to weigh and balance how much you wanna take on. Do we wanna pay for the record and the publicist and the radio people and all that stuff, or do we let the label do it and have a much better deal? One thing I’ve learned is that don’t make decisions a year and a half out. Right now the record’s not out. We have 18 months to live with them, see how they do on this record. And there’s certain things we’ll never do again, and there’s certain things that I’m gonna look at. What we’re gonna do is just make the best deal we can for where we’re at. So, maybe we’ll be independent, maybe not.”


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