A7X’s M.Shadows: “Here’s why you gotta pay attention to what Ronnie Radke is doing”


Avenged Sevenfold singer M.Shadows shared some reasons why everyone should pay attention to what Ronnie Radke of Falling in Reverse has been up to lately.

Radke is no stranger to controversy and often finds himself leaning on it to fuel it. Last year Radke was criticized by radio host Eddie Trunk and Sebastian Bach after Falling in Reverse had to cancel a performance at a festival because their laptops went missing.

Although some time has passed, in the music video for Falling in Reverse‘s new song “Watch the World Burn” laptops rain down from the sky, landing on a Sebastian Bach lookalike.

This only fueled the controversy and criticism, but Avenged Sevenfold singer M.Shadows wrote a tweet wanting to glorify the areas of success Radke focused on.


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