Saturday, May 2, 2020

Ex-Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer is frontman of new band Psychosexual

Ex-Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer is now the frontman of the new band Psychosexual.

Spencer's new rock band Psychosexual is introducing its unique brand of gothic metal and industrial-edge music to fans — a character-driven, visually arresting tour de force guaranteed to spark controversy, and Spencer wouldn't have it any other way.

The first single from Psychosexual's debut album, "Torch The Faith", "Let The Sin Begin" showcases the talents of guitarist Crucifier, bassist Astaroth and drummer Volac alongside Devil Daddy's haunting vocals, and the titillating video features the eye-popping gifts of performers Masuimi Max, Madison Morgan, Janey Doe and Idelsy Love.

Spencer will release "Torch The Faith" through his own independent label 6ex Records — co-produced by Spencer with Drowning Pool producer Shawn McGhee.


  1. I expected so much more. The visual concepts and instrumental arrangements were a good start, and had much potential. But as for the songs themselves, they both really suck. Ffdp should be shamed by this member, and should never let him rejoin. But maby they should let him back in to save him from further embarrassment. At the least psychosexual needs a few new song writers, to put them in the direction they desperately need

  2. Goddamn, coward, stick to your first language and stop posting in English. It's too much work to understand you.
    If he's no longer in the band, why the f*ck would FFDP care what happens? Do you even try to make sense?

  3. Love you to death is a cover of the song by Type O Negative. Not bad but the other song is not what I expected. Definitely going their own way.