Monday, June 6, 2016

Stone Sour release demo of "Hell & Consequences"

Stone Sour released a demo version of "Hell & Consequences" from their 2006 album "Come What(ever) May". You can listen the audio below.

Guitarist Josh Rand said: "This year marks the tenth anniversary of “Come What(ever) May”. To celebrate, we want to share some demos from the making of the album. This is my favorite song on Come Whatever May. This version was recorded at Catamount Studio by Joel, Shawn, & myself in 2004. Corey recorded the vocals at my house while he was on a break from recording Slipknot‘s Vol 3. Jim isn’t on this demo because he was still in L.A. working on Subliminal. The guitar solo I play was recorded later as I hadn’t written it yet."

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