Friday, June 10, 2016

Slipknot guitarist Jim Root's video tour of Sunset Sound studio from new DVD

On April 8, Fret12 released the latest installment of the "The Sound And The Story" instructional-documentary guitar DVD series starring guitarist Jim Root of Slipknot.

"The Sound And The Story" DVD series is quickly becoming known for featuring comprehensive guitar lessons taught by the artist, featuring fan-favorite songs. In "Jim Root: The Sound And The Story - .5: The Gray Chapter", Jim teaches you exactly how he plays the songs on Slipknot's latest album, ".5: The Gray Chapter". Downloadable tablature PDF included.

In this documentary, Jim shares the obstacles he endured and overcame during the writing, demoing and recording process.

"Jim Root: The Sound And The Story - .5: The Gray Chapter" is available for order at

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