Friday, June 10, 2016

Disturbed's David Draiman about his son: "I certainly have become even more defensive of a very, very menacing world"

Disturbed singer David Draiman was recently interviewed by Arte, you can read some excerpts below.

About how having a very young son has affected his touring life now that the band is on the road, Draiman said: "I do think about and do occasionally take my wife and son out with me on tour. It's difficult. My son's two and a half years old, so trying to find things to occupy a toddler with when you're couped up on a bus for hours and hours and hours at a time can be challenging."

About his approach to raising his son in today's world, where so many parents exaggerate the dangers facing children, he said: "It certainly is very difficult for an individual to maintain their individuality in today's environment, for sure. And I certainly have become even more defensive of a very, very menacing world now that my son has come into it. All I can ever hope to be to my son is someone who's supportive, someone who listens and understands and points out possible other ways of thinking, ways of feeling, ways of approaching things, suggests rather than demands. To be someone who can guide, if the hand is given — not force the hand. Letting him have the choices that he should have as an individual throughout his upbringing."

He continued: "Individuality is a personal thing. It's based on your own personal feelings and expression of self. So, really, it's nobody's business to judge you but yourself. And if you feel that you're expressing yourself as an individual and you feel confident in it, then that really should be all that matters."

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