Friday, May 6, 2016

Stone Sour release demo of "30/30-150"

Stone Sour released the demo of "30/30-150" from their album "Come What(ever) May" for the 10th anniversary of the album. You can listen the demo below.

Guitarist Josh Rand said: "In late 2004, after cutting some tracks at Catamount Recording with Joel & Shawn, I decided to build a room in my house to record in. I bought my first Pro Tools rig and the first song I wrote on the new rig was 30/30-150. The drum track was programmed using an Alesis SR-16. I sent it to Corey and when he had a break from touring with Slipknot, he came over & sang on the track. This version is what was given to Jim, Shawn, & Joel."

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