Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Queen's Brian May about upcoming tour: "I feel so privileged that we can still do this"

Queen and singer Adam Lambert were recently interviewed and talked about their upcoming European tour and more. You can read some excerpts below.

Guitarist Brian May said: "I feel so privileged that we can still do this. We spent half our live building this legacy of songs and contact with an audience, and we can still be out there and doing it. And it's wonderful that we have Adam, because without Adam… You need an extraordinary figurehead, and we do have it in Adam. So it's a gift from God. I call him a gift from God."

Adam Lambert added: "And these guys play their butts off. I mean, it's pretty incredible. You're listening to riffs and fills and stuff that feel like the originals. It feels like the recordings. I get up on stage and I'm, like, 'It's like the record. It's amazing!' It's unbelievable. Their skill and their talent is undeniable."

Drummer Roger Taylor added: "I didn't even think we'd ever get to this age. You don't think about it. I'm still kind of 35 inside."

Brian May continued: "Like Roger, I'm surprised that we're still doing it now. I didn't think I would be around. I'm getting close to 70 now. It's quite something to be running around on a stage with [Adam], who is a young boy full of youthful energy and stuff. But I love it. I'm thrilled that we can still do this. How amazing! And it still makes people happy."

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