Monday, May 9, 2016

Lacuna Coil: "The new album is a new start for the band"

Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro were recently interviewed by, you can read some excerpts below.

About how they would describe the new Lacuna Coil album, "Delirium", to a fan, Ferro said: "The most obvious thing is that it's a heavier record and probably darker as well. But, in general, I think it's sort of a new start, a new chapter for the band, because when Marco [bass] was songwriting for the record, he really wanted to break the barriers of the cliché of a Lacuna Coil song. Because we've been doing a few albums now, so we didn't wanna be imprisoned in our own way of writing songs. So he's been looking also at younger songwriters, people that maybe don't have our experience in songwriting, but definitely have a fresher attitude, because they learned in a completely different way; they grew up with different media that are available right now for the new generation that are influenced by the YouTube or social media instead of the way we grew up, just by listening to then records and then trying to sound like our favorite bands. So, this fresher approach has been helping us in kind of destroying our [conventional way of writing] a Lacuna Coil song. We've always done it that way, so why, this time, don't we try doing it this other way? So when we had, for example, a heavy song, with heavy riffs and heavy drums parts, instead of trying to blend it into the Lacuna Coil sound, we'd just push it into a heavier direction and do what the song was calling for. So that was the difference in the songwriting process. And also the freedom of saying, 'Okay, we wanna do a song with all-girl vocals,' we'd do it without worrying if it's not exactly what people are expecting from us. [We wanted to] surprise ourselves first and then also the people that [are] gonna listen to it. That's why we also started the record with a song like 'The House Of Shame', which is pretty heavy and different."

Added Scabbia: "I believe that Lacuna Coil fans will get into the album, they will be sucked by the record, because with every song, everything will make sense; the whole record will make sense. I think that the biggest difference of 'Delirium' compared to the previous records is that on the previous records, there was always an overall idea, but the songs weren't really tied to each other. There wasn't a sense of continuity. In this one, it's like you're projected in a location, and you know exactly what's happening. You really see things, because in the lyrics, you hear the description of the place, so you know exactly where you're at. You see the record, so I think this is the biggest difference compared to the previous records. Now you have a complete package, 'cause everything makes sense; everything is tied together."

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