Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Izzy Stradlin's involvement in Guns N' Roses tour: "It's limited money"

MSL has posted on GNRTruth forum regarding Izzy Stradlin's status about his rumored involvement in 2016 band's tour.

He wrote: "As for the situation with Izzy, if it ever makes sense for both sides, I’m sure he’ll pop up eventually. There really wasn’t going to be a situation this go round that was going to make sense for both sides. Izzy is very secure financially and I’m sure you guys can understand why he wouldn’t want to be involved on a limited basis for limited money when he sees the others making so much. On the other hand, Live Nation bought the tour without Izzy and why would GNR want to throw a bunch of money at Izzy when it would just be flushing money down the toilet? doesn’t make any sense."

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