Monday, May 9, 2016

Five Finger Death Punch: "Our job is to make people happy"

Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer and guitarist Jason Hook were recently interviewed at the Lunatic Luau 2016 festival on May 6. You can read some excerpts below.

About taking meeting fans at festivals, Hook said: "I think what we've realized is that our job, really, is to make people happy. I mean, the music's cool and we work really hard on the records, but once all that's put away and done, we're really just out here, the whole day and the concert, it's really just one meet-and-greet."

He continued: "People come to us and they're very excited. You've got two choices: you either enhance their experience or destroy their experience, and I've seen a lot of bands that choose the latter and are just…. They don't get it. And I think that we decided early on that the most important thing is how people feel around us, and the feeling that they take home with them. That really is the most important thing. It makes us feel good; it makes them feel good."

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