Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tom DeLonge: "I am currently in Blink 182"

Tom DeLonge recently talked with Rolling Stone, you can read some excerpts below.

He said: "I am currently in the band." He maintains that he has never officially quit or been fired.

About new member Matt Skiba: "I'm not opposed to it. I still would be interested, if people would just pick up the phone and call."

"It's incredible when you're playing 'All the Small Things' in front of 100,000 people with lasers and shit. But it's difficult to grow when you're doing the same thing over and over. All I care about is, 'Am I happy? Am I around people who love me?' I'm doing too much cool stuff here to stop."

About the breakdown of his relationship with Mark Hoppus, confessing: "I didn't talk to the guy for seven years straight, and you become a much different human being from 29 to 36."

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