Monday, April 4, 2016

Steven Adler has rehearsed with Guns N' Roses

Mick Wall wrote that Steven Adler injured his back while rehearsing with Guns N' Roses, and that he was set to perform with the band at the Troubadour on April 1. You can read some excerpts below.

He wrote: "I know some who were there. And they tell me it’s all true, it’s all for real. That Steven actually was going to be there too but he hurt his back during rehearsals. They also told me some other things which I feel a douche for keeping to myself, but I’ve never been into spoilers. Why ruin the fun? This is the year when the fun is finally back to taunt us."

About GNR show at the Troubadour: "Friday night at the Troub, man. This was no April Fool’s joke. This was something unexpected. Up there, out there, so many people in LA from the old days no longer invited to the party, too. You’ve got to feel for them. Their past right there on their doorstep and no one from the band even acknowledging them anymore. Don’t blame Axl. That game is over. Whatever happens from now on, this is all about Slash and Duff too. And good for them, I say. What are Guns N’ Fuckin’ Roses if not the band that always did it their way, fuck you very much?"

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