Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Slash tried to rejoin Guns N' Roses 10 years ago

Guns N' Roses insider MSL wrote on GNRTruth how Slash's ex-wife Perla tried to get him back in the band about 10 years ago. You can read some excerpts below.

He said: "She wanted to settle the lawsuit, but she wanted the settlement to include Slash’s return (which was the entire point of filing the lawsuit to begin with)."

He also discussed how Slash's attempted return to Guns N' Roses in the 2000's caused tension in Velvet Revolver. He wrote: "I’ve mentioned on this site many times that in 2014 in Vegas multiple members of GNR said to my face that they thought Team Brazil was going to finally pull off the reunion after No Trickery. They didn’t know it for a fact, that’s just how they felt things would play out. Which is funny because so many of the anti Team Brazil trolls were the ones that wanted the reunion the most and the people they were criticizing ended up being the only management team to pull it off."

He added: "Keep in mind at one point Perla tried to become the manager of Velvet Revolver and that caused major friction between the band members. Not to mention the other band members knew she had tried to get Slash back into GNR. So nobody trusted her and it really hurt the trust between them."

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