Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mike Portnoy: "I'm not a good drum teacher"

Mike Portnoy was recently interviewed by Metal Wani, you can read some excerpts below.

Portnoy says he doesn't give his son Max drum lessons because he's not a good teacher. He said: "Max does go for lessons with somebody else, for two reasons. I'm not home consistently enough and I think it's important for any young drummer to get lessons consistently. The other reason is that I'm not a teacher. It doesn't matter how many awards I've won, it doesn't make me a good teacher."

Mike Portnoy added: "Max growing up on tour and sitting behind my drums and watching me, you can inevitably see a lot of my style in his style. I've always been supportive of whatever he wanted to do. But that fact he picked up a pair of drumsticks is totally cool."

Max says he hopes to take Next To None on the road in the coming years, with Europe one of his desired destinations. He said: "We haven't even gone out to the West Coast yet, so we'd love to get out to California. And we'd also really like to play in Europe too."

Mike added: "I think European audiences would love Next To None, I think they'd do great over there. Hopefully that'll be in their future soon."

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