Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Zakk Wylde comments the possibility of AC/DC carrying on with new singer

Zakk Wylde was recently interviewed by Artisan News, you can read some excerpts below.

About AC/DC and Brian Johnson, Zakk said: "That's really sad, man. 'Cause Brian's… I met Brian one time. He's a really sweet guy; he's super cool. But with the hearing, I read an interview where Brian was saying the hearing loss was caused by him being in race cars and not wearing his earplugs when he was in the car. And he said he actually heard his eardrums explode when he was in the car, 'cause he didn't have the earplugs in. 'Cause he said it didn't have anything to do with music."

Zakk continued: "Me personally, if you don't have anything aimed directly at your head… That's what it's all about. Pete Townshend of The Who said his hearing loss was caused by all the years of cranking the music when he was mixing the records and making the album, of just blasting it, so it's right here, as opposed to surrounding it. I mean, a 4x12 [guitar cabinet] is a very directional cabinet, so if you step to the side of it… especially the bottom ones, 'cause it's only hitting your legs. I mean, the top ones is where… If you're standing right in front of it, that'll smash you. Anything that's not directional… I mean, if anything's near you, that's when it's gonna really blast you; it's like a ice pick going off in your head."

Wylde added: "It's sad, with Brian. Hopefully he'll get better. But once it's smashed, it's smashed, pretty much."

About if he thinks AC/DC can carry on for another decade with yet another lead singer, Zakk said: "Supposedly Bon Scott was the one that recommended… he was talking about how awesome Brian was. He saw him playing one night, Bon did. And he was saying, 'I saw this singer, this Brian Johnson guy, who's amazing,' when Brian was doing his band [before AC/DC]. And that's how they got tipped off on Brian, how they knew about him, was through Bon. So who knows? Brian might have one of his buddies he knows that's a great singer and just pass the torch. Just kind of like the whole Malcolm Young thing, with their nephew or whatever. I mean, it's up to the fellows, but I just wish Brian gets better, though."

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