Monday, March 14, 2016

Paul Bostaph explains why Slayer continued after Jeff Hanneman's death

Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph was recently interviewed by, you can read some excerpts below.

About continue after the death of Jeff Hanneman: "When confronted with death, when your mortality is challenged, you realize how fragile life is and that it can be gone in a second. Then it becomes clear to you that the things that aren't important to you, you have a tendency to throw them out the window. When you're an artist of any kind, I think your art is part of you. It's not just a job. You're in it for years. It's your art, it's what you do, it's part of you. To have someone to take that away or to just give up, well, that's not something this band is about."

Bostaph remembered his late bandmate as a pretty mellow guy. "I think he hated being on the road. Everything about being a a quote-unquote rock star he wasn't interested in. He wasn't all about people blowing sunshine up his ass. Jeff loved to play music, he loved watching hockey games, he loved to have a laugh and good time."

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