Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Interview with Mudface

San Francisco metal band Mudface have released their second album, "The Bane of Existence" on March 18. recently had a chance to speak with singer Chris Dinsmore and guitarist Rob Kolowitz about their new album, their music video for "Hellfoot", Philip Anselmo and more. Check out the chat below:

What was your inspiration to write your latest album "The Bane Of Existence"?

Chris Dinsmore: Greetings! The band prior to writing for this album were going through a lot of personal issues and I think a lot of what we were going through really came out in the lyrics and music.

Rob Kolowitz: The band was on the ropes. We had internal strife, I was going through a divorce. It was a time of turmoil and personal reflection so we all dug a little deeper than we ever had before.

How did the idea for the video for "Hellfoot" came about?

CD: The song "Hellfoot" is about making choices in life and how those choices both good and bad carve your life's path. For the video, I had the idea of this video giving the impression that they were attending a funeral and you quickly find out that they are attending their own funeral. It turns out they are part of a cult and it turns out the cult leader is battling his own mental illness and has the devil on his shoulder whispering in his ear. 

Are you planning a tour to promote the new album "The Bane Of Existence"?

CD: Yes we plan on starting on the west coast and working towards the east. We are hoping to jump on a festival or two as well.

What do you think of Gene Simmons and Courtney Love comments about "rock is dead"?

CD: I think when your 15 min is up, your pride gets in the way and you try to blame everything else as to why you're not popular anymore. Lack of creativity and originality, closed mindedness, breaking up the genre into sub genres, all play a role into why rock music may not be as popular as it once was. You look at a lot of the great music from the 60's and 70's and how everybody had their own distinct sound and style. Today you turn on the radio or go to a show, and every band sounds the same. This isn't taking away from the fact that there are a lot of talented musicians out there, they just need to stop emulating their hero's to the point they sound exactly like them. Experiment with your sound or your writing style and try to bring something to the table that makes you different from the rest. Think outside the box. And I don't see this just happening with rock, I see this happening with other styles of music as well. However, that being said, as long as there are bands out there like ourselves doing it, rock is not dead!

What do you think of "white power" gesture of Philip Anselmo during the Dimebash event?

CD: It's not the first time he's done that. He's been doing it for years. Look, if you are looked up to by millions, and you played in a very influential band in the 90's, everything you do or say is going to be magnified and captured with all the modern technology and social media that's out there today. You need to really keep yourself in check and remember anything you do or say in this day and age will follow you forever. Do I think he is a racist? I don't know. I personally feel life is too short to hate and if this is who he really is, then it will be his burden. I still love Pantera's music, I've enjoyed going to their shows. I do believe if he's truly sorry, he will right his wrongs!

RK: We live in an age where everything is about ratings, market share, sensationalism and money. The media spend every waking moment looking for the next big story. If you were at a backyard BBQ and your cousin said "White Power", it would be forgotten within a week. With Phil Anselmo, I see every has-been from the last 20 years giving their opinion on Blabbermouth. Why? People are no longer allowed to make mistakes. Everything is magnified by the sensationalist media in the internet age. Should he have said it? No. Do people make mistakes? Yes. Should we move on with real issues? Yes please!

What is your favorite song from the new album?

CD: I have a few. "Hellfoot", "Down Below" and "Hollow".

RK: "Do Unto Others" and "Hollow" stand out for me.

What is your song and / or favorite album of all time and why?

CD: This one is too hard for me to answer. I have many favorite albums.

RK: Can’t narrow it down to one. My top 3 are: “Heaven & Hell” by Black Sabbath, “Walk With Me In Hell” by Lamb of God and “Infinite” by Forbidden Evil. Why? Because they cover the spectrum of doom, speed and technical elements of Metal.

There's a song in your latest album that reflects you more as a band?

CD: I don't think it's a song, I think it's the entire album. We did a lot of growing up during the making of this record. For me personally, the song "Down Below" helped me get something off my chest growing up in home that had alcohol addiction. I've lost family because of it. The song is therapy for me.

You can follow Mudface on Facebook and Twitter and go to their official website for all news, tour dates and more.

"The Bane of Existence" is also available on iTunes.

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