Saturday, March 19, 2016

Five Finger Death Punch's Jeremy Spencer: "We make music that we wanna listen to"

Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer was recently interviewed by Metal Wani, you can read some excerpts below.

About if there are any plans for Five Finger Death Punch to write new music this year while touring in support of "Got Your Six" album, Spencer said: "We always write. We've been messing with some ideas during our off time. I mean, nothing serious, but we always try to keep that muscle flexed and always try to write stuff and jam on ideas or whatever. So, yeah, I'm sure we'll do some writing on the road. I don't know how serious we'll get into it. You try to do it when there's time or when you're inspired, but the main time is whenever you're uninterrupted and you can have blocks of time. The road doesn't really allow for that. But we will dabble in some of that, for sure. I really just don't know how much or when it will happen, but I do see that happening."

About a possible musical direction for Five Finger Death Punch's next CD, he said: "I'm not sure where we're gonna head as far as the direction. I mean, we kind of sound like what we sound like at this point. I don't see a huge, drastic change. You never know, but we pretty much are comfortable sounding like what we sound like, with our straight-to-the-point, huge, hooky songs with relatable lyrics, heavy riffs. We make music that we wanna listen to."

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