Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Butcher Babies: "We're taking most of the summer off to write the next album"

Butcher Babies frontwomen Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey were recently interviewed by The Front Row Report, you can read some excerpts below.

About Butcher Babies' plans for the new album, Heidi said: "We're taking most of the summer off to write the next album. So we're gonna be on tour until the end of June. So from now 'till the end of June, and then we're gonna take just a couple of months off. We'll play a couple of shows here and there, festivals, but a couple of months off. We're gonna keep at it. You can't stop it. You can't stop the creativity."

About if there were any sales goals they wanted to achieve with "Take It Like A Man", Carla said: "I don't think that we think in terms of that. Obviously, we want it to sell well, but we want people to love it more than anything, people to relate to it, people to sing along when we're at the shows. We think that's how we tell if it's successful, if people are connecting to the songs when we're playing them live. These kids are screaming back the lyrics at us, and there's tears in their eyes when we're doing 'Thrown Away'. If they're feeling it, if they're getting in the pit, that's success for us, not a numbers thing, because these days, numbers don't really matter."

Heidi added: "It has done well [sales-wise], but we don't really keep up with it too much. Every once in a while, we'll get an e-mail with updates, but we don't really keep up with that. For us, it's like Carla said, it's about that emotion that we connect with the fanbase and having that bond with our fanbase and seeing them love the songs. With this album, one thing we definitely wanted to do was to go in and create those live songs that people can move to, they can sing to, they can scream to, they can fistpump, crowdsurf… everything. And there's a lot of heavy hitters in there."

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