Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Anthrax's Scott Ian: "If I had the option to make all of the Internet go away, i would choose that"

Anthrax's Scott Ian was recently interviewed about the amazing success of Adele's "25" and more, you can read some excerpts below.

He said: "The Adele phenomena isn't, like, some great wake-up call for the record labels… Well, it is a wake-up call, in a sense, to show the companies that they shouldn't be so short-sighted and they're going for the quick kind of cash-in, I think, on this record. But there are people out there who will buy something quality."

He continued: "In a very, very small way, metal bands like us, Iron Maiden, Slayer, bands that have been doing it for so long, AC/DC… and have built and maintained an audience, you can say, in a lot of ways, on a much smaller level, we have the same thing; we have our fans who will go out and buy our records. Granted, we don't have twenty million of 'em. But our fans are very loyal and very strong, and they want that physical product, and I think that's great. And that's why I would say, I wish, if there was that option to have the Internet go away, I just think the experience for everybody, when it comes to music, would be that much better, because the Internet has devalued music to where people think you can just have it for free, and it shouldn't be that way."

Ian added: "If I had the option to make all of the Internet go away, like, let's say if I could go like that [snaps fingers], and it's like it never existed and we never knew we had it, I would choose that, because it'd be much better for the music business."

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